• This is NOT a blank workbook.
  • It provides jam-packed pointers of information you need to know about the universities you consider applying to
  • All you need to do is put on the checklist mark to indicate a Yes or No and put on some extra notes if you have to…
  • Use them to compare the University’s programs and rankings, the campus facilities, their application deadlines, the required documents needed to apply, and so on.

What is included in the Workbook:

  • It offered three different types of research workbook:
  1. University research in general
  2. Research for online colleges/courses, and
  3. Research for study abroad.

If you are still undecided about your plan, whether you want to go to university somewhere nearby, to take them online, or pursuing your dream to study abroad, you got all covered here.

  • Use this printable workbook to record your Back to School Research.
  • Don’t make all that Campus Visit, Virtual Tours, Webinars, and Q&A with the school’s admission personnel go to waste!!
  • Write down the information you have collected in this workbook.
  • Visit and study them later carefully to help you weigh in the pro’s and con’s of each university

Decide the best place for you to continue your study !!