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Hello and Welcome to Back-to- School Mamma!


I’m Andini and I am passionate about seeing women fulfill their potentials and keep working on chasing their dreams by continuing their education; either to a higher degree in university, getting a certification in a specific field, or take online courses..anything!

Are you a busy woman who always had a dream of continuing your education but never had the time? or perhaps you are a mom who, for one reason or another, had to postpone your wish to pursue your higher education?

Are you a professional looking for a career change and need to go back to school to get certification in your desired new field? Or perhaps you have your eyes on that promotion in your office but you know you’ll have to take some certified course to be qualified for that?

Do you always dream of studying abroad and have an international career, working with people from all over the globe but not sure what you need to do to achieve them? Or maybe you just want to sharpen your skill on something that interests you lately but never had the time to actually took the course?

Then my friends, Back to School Mamma is for you!

I created this blog to accompany you on your Back-to-School Journey , whatever it is, whether you just need convincing to finally take the course offered by your favorite blogger you’ve been eyeing for quite some times, or, to enroll in the Bachelor /Master/Ph.D. program of your dreams, to get the course to finally get the professional certification you need, and even if it is as CRAZY as wanting to study abroad as a mom and mature student and wish to bring your family with you!

Yes, you read it correctly, I did say “crazy”. Because going back to school when we are already an adult, with plenty of responsibilities on our shoulders such as our work and families, is totally not going to be a walk in the park. Adding the responsibility of studying on top of all the chaos in our life is madness.

So, if you have been wanting to continue your education, any kind of education, but had to put the wish on the back burner, then you are not alone, and you are definitely correct, IT IS DIFFICULT!! BUT IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!

My Back-to-School Journey

When I decided that I wanted to continue my education abroad, I was hopeless and completely clueless. I was 31 at that moment, my daughter was 3. The dream of studying abroad while having my family be there with me seemed to be absurd.

It seemed absurd even for me, so I didn’t share my dreams with anyone other than my husband. I tried to look on the internet and didn’t find anything significant. There was plenty of information but mostly, all was for younger students, those with the “right age and phase of life” to be a student.

The information also presented by institutions; universities, education consultants, and the likes of it. It didn’t resonate well with me. I need a person, someone who had done the same thing and succeed so that I’m convinced that IT IS NOT ABSURD, NOT CRAZY, and TOTALLY DOABLE.  Someone who can inspire me and make me think “If she can do it, I can definitely do it too!!”.

I didn’t give up though. I kept on going, searching and researching, preparing everything I needed to do to pursue my dream of studying abroad.  Finally I made it!! A year after I decided to go back to school and continue my education abroad, I landed in Milan, Italy, along with my little family,  to start a new chapter in my life as an international student mom and a mature student.

I took a big risk, and it was paid off more than I can imagine. I grew a lot; personally, academically, and professionally. I was a stay-at-home mom, had no one to talk to other than my baby, but now, I have friends and colleagues from across the globe, having attended an international Master’s program and worked for industry giants in their global teams.

So, What’s In It For You?..

Well, I want the same thing for you!!, of course, your goals are different than mine, but if going back to school is something you always wanted to do, I want you to finally do it, seize the day, work hard and finally arrive at the point where you can say “I DID IT”

It definitely going to be a roller coaster ride, but it will be worth it. Most importantly, you will not be going to be alone. I will be with you all the way till the end, from your starting point of going back on forth with your decision about going back to school, all the way to the days after your graduation, and look for a new future after completing school.

My biggest joy is showing others that IT IS POSSIBLE. I still remember vividly all those emotions, the desperation and the loneliness I felt, knowing that there must be a lot of women like me, struggling to balance school and family, but I couldn’t connect with them. I still remember all the walls I hit because I had no directions. Afterward, i determined to help out women like me, in every way I could!!.

I will share information on scholarships, college hacks, and study tips for mature students and busy moms, on university applications, study abroad and how to bring your family with you, as well as life as international (and mature) students, anything that could help to make your Back-to-School Journey easier.

I’ve been there, I know what you’ve gone through, and in that time, I have learned a lot! one thing I want to remind you once again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Are you ready to take the leap and enroll? If you still have doubts about whether going back to school is the right move for you, check on this road map and analysis to help you make the right decision :

If you already know THAT is exactly what you want and need to do, GOOD FOR YOU!!, these will come in handy and super useful for you :