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Hi, I’m Andini

I am passionate about seeing women fulfil their potentials and keep working on chasing their dreams by continuing their education; either to a higher degree in university, getting a certification in a specific field, or take online courses..anything!

I will share information on scholarships, college hacks and study tips for mature students and busy moms, on university and scholarship applications, study abroad and how to bring your family with you, as well as life as international (and mature) students, and so on. Basically anything that could help to make your Back-to-School Journey easier.

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Back-to-School Roadmap


Take a look at this road map and answer the 5 W (What, Why, When, Where, Who) and 1 H (How)   questions you need to ask yourself before you make the important decision to go back to school.

Back-to-School SWOT Analysis

How well do you know yourself and your situation? Is going back to school is the right step for you? Analyse your Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), and the Opportunities (O) and Threats (T) you might have before deciding to go back to school.

Back-to-School Cost and Benefits Analysis 

Even though investing in education is always the right move, you clearly want to get the best return on your investment. Calculate the costs (the tangible and intangible aspects) you might need to spend and the benefits you will get from it.

Back-to-School Research Workbook

Use this printable workbook to record your Back to School Research. Don’t make all that Campus Visits, Virtual Tours, Webinars, and Q&A with the school’s admission personnel go to waste !! Write down the information you have collected in this workbook.

Study them later carefully to help you weigh in the pros and cons of each university and decide the best place for you to continue your study.


University Application Timeline

Get the information you need about the university application deadlines for the September intake; what months do applications normally open, what you need to do during each step of the application process, and so on.

You can also get the IELTS / TOEFL and GMAT / GRE Study Plan, as well as useful tips to make your study preparation easier. In addition, get the Scholarship Application Timeline and give yourself ample time to prepare yourself!

Back-to-School Budget Tracker

Use this budget tracker template  to track your expenses during your Back-to-School preparation period. All the things you might need to prepare financially for attending a University, an online college/course, even for a study abroad, are listed here. This template consists of 11 different worksheets, each sheet represents a different phase of your Back to School Journey preparation.

Are you a busy woman who always had a dream of continuing your education but never had the time? or perhaps you are a mom who, for one reason or another, had to postpone your wish to pursue your higher education?

Are you a professional looking for a career change and need to go back to school to get certification in your desired new field? Or perhaps you have your eyes on that promotion in your office but you know you’ll have to take some certified course to be qualified for that?

Do you always dream of studying abroad and have an international career, working with people from all over the globe but not sure what you need to do to achieve them? Or maybe you just want to sharpen your skill on something that interests you lately but never had the time to actually took the course?

Then my friends,

Back to School Mamma

is for YOU!